Your mortgage analyst will work with you, your loan originator, and the title company to coordinate a time and place for your settlement. The settlement can be scheduled for a time and place that is convenient for you. Your mortgage analyst will instruct you on which items to bring to settlement.

For more information about what to expect at your settlement or the typical costs associated with settlement, please contact us.

  • The borrower selects a closing company/attorney to conduct settlement
  • Borrower acquires homeowner insurance , movers and certified fund for closing.
  • The closing company conducts a title search and orders a survey if requested.
  • Preliminary title papers are given to the mortgage company for review.
  • Closing instructions are prepared by the lender for the closing company.
  • All parties meet to conduct the transaction according to the instructions from the lender.
  • Once documents are received and approved by the lender, funds are disbursed to the closing company.
  • If you are refinancing your primary residence a 3 day rescission period will be required by law. Funds will be disbursed after the rescission period has elapsed.