dream homeConstruction and Renovation Loans can seem overwhelming when it comes to all of the draw schedules, inspections, appraisals, contractors, subcontractors, and loan requirements. Corridor Mortgage Group offers simple yet complete solutions to assist you achieve your dreams.

Construction Financing

  • Interest Only during the construction phase.
  • 9 month construction loan.
  • Simple builder approval process.
  • Customized draw schedule.
  • Jumbo and Conforming Loans

Renovation Loans

FHA 203(k) Streamlines

  • Up to $35,000 in non-structural repairs (no minimum repair required)
  • No reserves required at closing (for 1-2 unit properties)
  • Eligible repairs and upgrades include, but are not limited to: windows, doors, HVAC system, roof, plumbing, electric, paint, appliances, kitchen counters, cabinets, flooring and more.
  • No plan review or consultant required

FHA 203(k)

  • Minimum $5,000 in repairs
  • No reserves required at closing (for 1-2 unit properties)
  • Up to 6 months principle and interest payments can be financed, if the home is not habitable during construction.

Please contact us today to see if a construction or renovation loan is right for you.