app checkmarkIn order to grant a preliminary underwriting approval, your licensed mortgage loan originator and mortgage analyst will need to obtain some basic pieces of information about you. It is possible that more information will be needed, but these are the basics.


  • Personal Info: Name, eMail, Phone Numbers, Drivers License, or Government Issued ID, DOB, Social Security Card & Number
  • Home Address: Last two years address & Landlord or Mortgage Information.
  • Employment: Last two years: Name, Address, & Phone Number, W-2’s and most recent 30 days of Pay Stubs.
  • Assets: Last two months statements (all pages): Checking, Savings, Retirement Accounts, & Other Financial Assets
  • Debts: Type, Monthly Payments, Balances , & Account Numbers
  • Self Employed, Bonus & Commissions: Last two years of Federal Tax Returns, K-1’s & Current Profit and Loss Statement. (all pages)
  • Additional Documents: Separation, Divorce, & Property Settlement Agreement, Bankruptcy Documents, Discharge, Petition of Debts, DD214 & COE if VA Loan.
  • Property: Contract of Sale, HOA/Condo Association Info, if Refinance Information on Taxes, Insurance & HUD-I