Working with Corridor Mortgage Group

You stake your reputation on every referral you make and we know you have worked hard to earn the trust of your community. As a referral partner, we offer new opportunities to provide your buyers with a more personalized experience. They will see quick turnaround times and smoother transactions. Your reputation and business thrive on relationships, referrals, and meaningful partnerships. Our mission is to help you grow that reputation and business into a reliable source for the community you serve.

Co-Marketing Opportunities

We spend a lot of time talking to our referral partners to find out what makes their business a success as well as the challenges they face. This paints a clear picture of how all the different parts operate together, and –again- what gets in the way of their smooth operation. In that spirit, each of our co-marketing services specifically address common challenges we’ve heard over time from our referral partners. These services include:

Client Loyalty Program

Purchase Prospect Campaigns

Loan Status Updates

Open House & Financing Flyers