At Corridor Mortgage Group, we approach each real estate transaction as a “team effort” and real estate agents and builders are our teammates in success. Our growth and success in the real estate industry are interconnected. Our goal in providing co-marketing services to our real estate agents and builders is to nurture long lasting partnerships and continue to grow and be successful together.

We spend a lot of time talking to our referral partners to find out what makes their business a success as well as the challenges they face. This paints a clear picture of how all the different parts operate together, and –again- what gets in the way of their smooth operation.

In that spirit, each of our co-marketing services specifically address common challenges we’ve heard over time from our referral partners. These services include:

  • 5 Year Co-branded Client Loyalty Program
  • Co-branded Prospect Campaigns
  • Informative Loan Status Video Updates
  • Co-branded Property Websites
  • Co-branded Open House Flyers
  • Co-branded Loan Scenario Flyers
  • Co-branded Promotional Flyers

Please contact us today to learn more about any of our co-marketing services